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Therapeutic Inc. Wraps Year with Focus On DR.Congo

Friday December 16 had a festive air at the Africare House in Washington DC, as Therapeutic Inc. hosted members of the diplomatic corps, business community, civil society actors and other movers and shakers of the African community for its end of year festivities.“There is every reason for us to be happy said Fatmata Koroma CEO of Therapeutic Inc. as she checked off the list of achievements recorded in the year about to end. From the launch of the Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative, to the Miss Culture USA Pageant, to the celebration of the Women’s history month, it has been hectic for Therapeutic Inc.,” Fatmata said.


Therapeutic Interventions Inc. hosts reception to mark the year end 2016
  • Jeannine, Fatmata and Amb. Balumuene

  • Executive Director Fatmata Koroma with Ambassador Balumuene

  • IMG_1702

  • Fatmata with Ambassador Balumuene and Miss Gatoro

  • Fatmata Koroma with Jeannine Scott

  • MC Jeannine B. Scott

  • Betty with Fatmata

  • Thomas Ntuk,State Farm official

  • Mrs. Newry

  • Ambassador Newry of Bahamas with his wife

  • Thomas Ntuk with Georges Collinet

  • Ambassadors of the DRC and Bahamsa and their respective wives

  • Ambassador Balumuene with Chance

  • Ambassador Balumuene with Chance

  • Ambassador Newry Mis Chance Gatoro

  • Meauvell Tate with Ambassador Balumuene

  • Ambassadors of the DRC and Bahamsa and their respective wives

  • IMG_1718-1

  • Fatmata, Lewis and Susan

  • Ajor M. Editor of PanafricanVisions

  • Therapeutic Interventions Inc. ED with Ajon

  • IMG_1714-1

  • Chance Gatoro with Ajon

  • IMG_1713-1

  • IMG_1712

  • Aramide with Fatmata

  • Executive Directot Fatmata with Georges Collinet

  • IMG_1704

  • Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Executive Director Fatmata Koroma

  • Betty,Rejoice, Rebotile, and Chance

  • Radio persoanlity Georges Collinet with his wife Cooki

  • Aramide

  • IMG_1676

  • Ambassador Newry, Chance and an official of Bahamas'Embassy

  • Ambassador Balumuene with his with and Mrs. and Mr. Thomas Ntuk

  • Ambassador Balumuene and his wife with Miss Gatoro

  • Betty, Fatmata, Chance and Mrs. and Mr. Ntuk

  • Fatmata, Chance, Thomas and Mrs. Ntuk

  • Fatmata, Chance and State farm Thomas Ntuk

  • Chantal Hlontor (Togolese Diaspora)

  • Ena Njie

  • Mrs. Ntuk and Meauvell

  • Ambassador Balumuene with a guest

  • IMG_1649

  • Thomas Ntuk with Georges Collinet

  • IMG_1640

  • Chance with Rebotile

  • Ambassador Newry (center) with wife and colleague from the Embassy of Bahamas

  • Miss Chance Gatoro with boyfriend

  • Claudia Lewis with Susan Dexter

  • Susan Dexter

  • Georges Collinet

  • Georges Collinet with Ambassador Balumuene

  • Meauvell Tate

  • Georges with Cooki Collinet

  • Mr. and Mme Balumuene

  • Dj Phillip Koroma (Mix)

Reigning Miss Culture USA, Chance Gatoro shed light on the work she is doing to give new meaning to life for children ravaged by conflict in the Eastern Part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In support of her work, some of the guests made donations towards the books, clothes and toys drive led by Gatoro and Therapeutic Inc.The work of Therapeutic Inc. deserves greater support said Francois Balumuene, Ambassador of the D.R. Congo to Washington, DC who was accompanied to the event by his wife. While Ambassador Balumuene acknowledged that the conflict had left real scars on children in the DRC, the government was using efforts like free education to boost prospects of a better future for them.The event which had as MC, Jeannine Scott of the America to Africa Consulting was attended by the Ambassador of the Bahamas to the USA Eugeune Newry, International key note speaker Thomas Ntuk, media personality Georges Collinet and many others, were graced by artistic performances and good cuisine.Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the education, development and empowerment of women through leadership programs, entrepreneurship, educational workshops and Women’s Empowerment Conferences.The goal of these various programs is to provide women with the skills, leadership abilities, character, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the emerging international and global market.The program emceed by  Jeannine B. Scott included highlights of the important work being carried out in the DRC by Miss Culture USA 2016 Chancé Gatoro on behalf of children of eastern Congo. Thomas Ntuk, a State Farm Executive and author delivered the keynote speech to encourgae young people to focus on hard work, a key to success. By PanafricaVisions and AlloConakry


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