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  • Dialogue

    Visite de l'ambassadeur Condé à Columbus, Indianapolis et Detroit
  • Parade du Jour (Photo Gallery)


    Therapeutic Interventions Inc. hosts reception to mark the year end 2016
    • Jeannine, Fatmata and Amb. Balumuene

    • Executive Director Fatmata Koroma with Ambassador Balumuene

    • IMG_1702

    • Fatmata with Ambassador Balumuene and Miss Gatoro

    • Fatmata Koroma with Jeannine Scott

    • MC Jeannine B. Scott

    • Betty with Fatmata

    • Thomas Ntuk,State Farm official

    • Mrs. Newry

    • Ambassador Newry of Bahamas with his wife

    • Thomas Ntuk with Georges Collinet

    • Ambassadors of the DRC and Bahamsa and their respective wives

    • Ambassador Balumuene with Chance

    • Ambassador Balumuene with Chance

    • Ambassador Newry Mis Chance Gatoro

    • Meauvell Tate with Ambassador Balumuene

    • Ambassadors of the DRC and Bahamsa and their respective wives

    • IMG_1718-1

    • Fatmata, Lewis and Susan

    • Ajor M. Editor of PanafricanVisions

    • Therapeutic Interventions Inc. ED with Ajon

    • IMG_1714-1

    • Chance Gatoro with Ajon

    • IMG_1713-1

    • IMG_1712

    • Aramide with Fatmata

    • Executive Directot Fatmata with Georges Collinet

    • IMG_1704

    • Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Executive Director Fatmata Koroma

    • Betty,Rejoice, Rebotile, and Chance

    • Radio persoanlity Georges Collinet with his wife Cooki

    • Aramide

    • IMG_1676

    • Ambassador Newry, Chance and an official of Bahamas'Embassy

    • Ambassador Balumuene with his with and Mrs. and Mr. Thomas Ntuk

    • Ambassador Balumuene and his wife with Miss Gatoro

    • Betty, Fatmata, Chance and Mrs. and Mr. Ntuk

    • Fatmata, Chance, Thomas and Mrs. Ntuk

    • Fatmata, Chance and State farm Thomas Ntuk

    • Chantal Hlontor (Togolese Diaspora)

    • Ena Njie

    • Mrs. Ntuk and Meauvell

    • Ambassador Balumuene with a guest

    • IMG_1649

    • Thomas Ntuk with Georges Collinet

    • IMG_1640

    • Chance with Rebotile

    • Ambassador Newry (center) with wife and colleague from the Embassy of Bahamas

    • Miss Chance Gatoro with boyfriend

    • Claudia Lewis with Susan Dexter

    • Susan Dexter

    • Georges Collinet

    • Georges Collinet with Ambassador Balumuene

    • Meauvell Tate

    • Georges with Cooki Collinet

    • Mr. and Mme Balumuene

    • Dj Phillip Koroma (Mix)

    Therapeutic Interventions Inc. wraps Year with Focus On DR. Congo- AlloConakry
  • StoryLine (Reportage)

    Jourmaliste Ben Bangoura examine la situation socio-politique et économique des Afro-Américains. Première partie. AlloConakry
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